credit card judgments questions

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Credit Card Lawsuit Defenses
Most credit card lawsuits end in a default judgment because people ignore the lawsuit or . Expect to Win by Default, But May Not Be Entitled To, Ask Questions .

How should I answer a summons from civil court for credit card ...
If you don't, the other side will get a default judgement and they will get this on THEIR terms. . Here is a complete guide that I made for being sued for credit card debt: . There are currently no comments for this question.

Debt Collection Lawsuit -
Sep 13, 2012 . Question: No process server ever approached me, but gave the summons and debt . Please see other blog postings about default judgments. . I know that I did not pay this credit card a couple of years ago, so I would like to .

Judgement questions - Debt Consolidation Forums
Sub: Judgement questions. Replied on 05-14-2006, 01:20 AM. There's a new credit card judgement for $10,000 on my sister's credit report. She doesn't work. 1 .

Debt, collection agencies, the judgment process and your rights
Aug 22, 2006 . When you use a credit card, you give the issuer the right to come after you, but they . I hope this answers your questions regarding judgments.

Vacating a Judgment - Credit Info Center
Jun 29, 2011 . Vacating a Judgment * Dismiss a Judgment * Judgments * Motion to Vacate . Purchasing With Credit Cards · Credit Card Forgery . your paperwork, and can answer all of your questions and even help you fill out the forms.

Judgment Day - 200 Questions
Back to 200 Questions Main Page . Rapture, resurrection, judgments and the millennium. . Are Credit Cards Associated With The Mark of The Beast?

How do credit card judgments work
Can you answer these Law & Legal Issues questions? . business and the credit card. What is a credit card judgment and what can it do to a person? Answer .

Credit Card Judgments: Does Bankruptcy Help? Attorney Answers
Mar 8, 2012 . Credit card judgments linger for 10 years or more in North Carolina. Bankruptcy can get rid of judgments so that you can move on with your life.

can you help me avoid bankruptcy with the judgment and credit card ...
Hello,. I currently have 3 judgements against me, and i know sooner i will get more.. i owe about 50K in credit card debt including the judgements, my question to .

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How long does a judgment stay on your credit report
Answer: Judgments on Credit Records . Can you answer these Credit Reports questions? . Is there any amnesty bank credit card program of First Gulf Bank?

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What is exempt from credit card judgments in Florida
Your home is exempt from a credit card judgment, $1000 worth of your personal property which . Can you answer these Credit and Debit Cards questions?

I have 2 credit card judgements being filed against me as we ...
Sep 3, 2012 . Question - I have 2 credit card judgements being filed against me as we. Find the answer to this and other Legal questions on JustAnswer.

credit card judgments questions
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Credit Card Judgements -
Top questions and answers about Credit Card Judgements. Find 114221 questions and answers about Credit Card Judgements at Read more.

credit card judgments questions
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Can credit card companies garnish your wages or take away your ...
Laws on collecting judgments vary from state to state, but most states would allow some type of . Can you answer these Credit and Debit Cards questions?

questions about judgments on credit report - Credit Repair Forum ...
i have a judgment on my credit it says it is to stay on there till oct of next year. it is from a car loan back in 06. i am just wanting some advice.

debt-settlement-faq - Consumer Recovery Network
Learn these facts about negotiating and settling credit card debts. . To submit your own debt settlement, debt management or credit related question – click the . Creditors must first file and serve you with a lawsuit, get a judgment, and then .

Know Your Rights!!
It is not unusual to learn that the judgment amount is substantially larger than the amount that you owed. This usually happens when credit card companies tack .

credit card judgments questions with Ayesh
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Judgment for Credit Card Debt
My question involves judgment recovery in the State of Georgia. What are my options for a judgment against me regarding an old credit card .

If you live in North Carolina and a credit card debt judgment was ...
Can you answer these Credit and Debit Cards questions? . What do you have to do to pay off a judgement on your credit report? Answer it! How do you get a .

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Credit Card Judgements
Jul 25, 2009 . Credit Card Judgements . I have done research about the credit card companies filing judgements for unpaid credit card debt. I see that Chase and . Money Market and Capital Markets - A few answered questions! Creative .

Can you be arrested for credit card debt
Technically you did not steal the money, you and the credit card company have an . rules in favor of the credit card company and what's granted is a default judgment against you. . Can you answer these Credit and Debit Cards questions?

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Frequently asked questions about judgment recovery.
The majority of questions were received from entrepreneurs interested in . You can join National Judgment Network online using your major credit card or .

QUESTION: If you are a Florida resident and at your death you owe money on credit cards, what happens? ANSWER: If there is a judgment, they will collect at .

Will credit card judgments be discharged in bankruptcy? -
13 answers from attorneys to the question Will credit card judgments be discharged in bankruptcy? Last posted on May 26, 2011.

Discharging Debts and Judgments | Benefits of Bankruptcy ...
Many debts and judgments are discharged in bankruptcy. . Credit cards and charge cards; Medical bills; Personal loans (unsecured loans or . Our knowledgeable Illinois licensed lawyers can answer your questions about any particular debt.

Bankruptcy Judgment Questions |
Bankruptcy Judgment Questions thumbnail . Credit card companies, banks and debt collection agencies may sue you if they feel there is no other recourse for .

Stop collection lawsuits, judgments. garnishments. Eliminate the ...
Guaranteed credit card. . Top 10 Mortgage Questions . of information and also answer a long list of specific questions about the debt, and if they to not do this, .

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Debt collection: Can a creditor clean out my bank account?
Bankruptcy work is rife with questions about debt collection. . Unless you've been sued and a judgment has been entered against you, don't worry, . For example, it's unlikely that a credit-card company is going to take and sell your items of .

Ask or Answer a Question to Join our Community. . I HAVE 5 CREDIT CARDS ALL IN COLLECTIONS WITH AN AGENCY. . These voluntary judgments often include an agreement for a regular monthly payments of at least a minimum .


What is a Default Judgment? How Does it Affect your Personal ...
I have a question there is a judgment against me for not paying a credit card bill. I was enrolled with a co. called Credit solutions they were supposed to help me .

credit card judgments questions
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Questions & Answers on Your Credit Report and Housing Court - MFY
had a credit card—with very specific details about the amount of credit or loan, payment histories, etc. Court judgments are more often being reported to the .

Judgment Collection Frequently Asked Questions ... - Civil Judgment
Judgment Collection Frequently Asked Questions | Information | FAQ. Seller's Account Verification. Why is my credit card information required when listing a .

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Paying Back Credit Card Judgements
Hi, I had 4 credit card judgements placed against me in N.J. in the summer of 2007. . ExpertLaw Forum - Help With Your Legal Questions .

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What are the credit card judgment laws
Can you answer these Personal Finance questions? . credit cards? Because that's why. What is a credit card judgment and what can it do to a person?

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Credit card judgment questions.. (collections, payment, lawyers ...
Nov 15, 2010 . I recently had a judgment filed against me for a $1000 cap one credit card that went into collections. I live in NJ, and according to some internet .

Collections Law: default judgment now a lien, credit card ...
Jul 26, 2012 . credit card judgements, default judgments, default judgment: Hi . Question Hello Brian, My Uncle left me his house in New York State in a life .

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Frequently Asked Questions - Consumer Credit Counseling Service ...
I have never had a credit card, but many say it is a necessary part of life. Where do I start? . A judgment is a decision issued by the court at the end of a lawsuit.

Judgment Collection Frequently Asked Questions ... - Civil Judgment
Judgment Collection Frequently Asked Questions | Information | FAQ. Judgment Payments . Can I pay for a judgment by credit card? Payments through .


Getting rid of New York City Credit Card Judgments | Daniel ...
New York Credit Card Judgments. The common conversation I have these days in my Brooklyn law office goes like this ” Hi, the New York Civil Court entered a .

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How to Deal With Arbitration Judgment Over Credit Card Debt - eHow
How to Deal With Arbitration Judgment Over Credit Card Debt. Mandatory . You' ll want to confirm the existence of the account in question. Most arbitration .

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I am being sued for a past credit card debt from 2002 ... - AZ Law Help
Question: I have a credit card with the same bank where I have a Certificate of . Question: can your wages be garnished by an employer without a judgment .

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Why Bad Credit Is Bad For Financial Careers
Legal Judgments - In addition to credit cards and loans, the prospective employer will . criminal activity, so be prepared for those questions during the interview.

4 Secrets of the Legal Industry, Credit Card judgments are Void
Virtually all credit card judgments are VOID JUDGMENTS. . cause of action, the question to be determined, or relief to be granted, Davidson Chevrolet, Inc. v.

Default Judgment On Credit Card
My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: . I just received a default judgement letter in the mail for a credit card debt.

another judgement question - myFICO® Forums
Does a judgement absolutely have to be paid prior to getting a mortgage . Credit CARD Act and New FHA Rules Download · What you should .

Judgments in Texas, Weston and Associates, PLLC, Bankruptcy ...
With a credit card lawsuit, a judgment against you in favor of a creditor means . Post judgment discovery usually consists of written questions in which you may .

Judgment and Credit Card Debt
Judgment | Credit Card Debt | Aggressive collection attorneys and process servers . Though I do not know the balance of the judgment in question, if you can .


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NFCC: Frequently Asked Questions - National Foundation for Credit ...
What are the benefits of working with Certified Consumer Credit Counselors? . Whether you will continue to have and use any given credit card account is up to the issuer . A judgment is a decision issued by the court at the end of a lawsuit.

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Two Judgments on Same Account
Credit Card Debt · Bankruptcy · Debt Consolidation . Can a bank file two judgments against me for the same loan? Read full question. Can a bank file two .




Laws for Judgments on Credit Card Debt |
If the credit card company cannot secure payment, it may choose to sue the consumer in civil court, where the judge can render a judgment. If favorable, this .

What Can I Do About A Judgment?
What can I do about an old judgment? . Credit Card Debt . Though I do not know the balance of the judgment in question, if you can come to the table with .


Texas statute of limitations on credit card judgments
Texas statute of limitations on credit card judgments? Answer It! . What are Texas credit card statute of limitations? Credit . Can you answer this question?

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Frequently Asked Questions on County Court Judgments| Debt ...
Questions on County Court Judgments including how a CCJ can affect your . County Court Judgment Questions . How will a CCJ affect my credit rating?

Alabama Collection Laws
An Alabama judgment is a declaration by a court that the creditor has the legal right . Question: AUG 09, 2012. Manage Debt Advice; Debt Management Overview . The statute of limits for open accounts (credit cards) is three years ( Section .